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Elias' Min Chuan University Speech

On October 25 Enspyre co-founder and President Elias Ek gave a speech for Dr. Rolando Chang's International Business class at Min Chuan University.

It is an interesting class because out of the 70 students in the class, 60 are from other countries. Dr Chang said he had counted that they came from a total of 23 countries!

Elias and Dr. Chang had made each others aquaintance at the ISBC2010 conference where both were speakers. Dr. Chang liked Elias' presentation and asked him to come and give a speech about himself, Enspyre, doing business in Taiwan, entrepreneurship etc.

Elias says "I really enjoyed speaking to this class because they were asking me lots of questions. That is always a good sign that they are staying awake and find some value in the presentation."

Elias is himself very passionate about all aspects of Enspyre - phone answering for small companies, B2B telemarketing, Swedish language classes, corporate training, female power seminars, movie promotions (check out http://www.my-blind-uncle.com) etc and a big part of the discussions was spent on finding out what you like. While it might not be a pre-requisite, liking what you do makes it much easier to be really good at it. And unless you try a few things by volunteering, interning, taking part-time jobs, traveling around etc, how will you ever find what you like?

This is why Enspyre has launched one of Taiwan's most ambitious internship programs. Take a chance, have some fun!


Elias speaks to students after his lecture at Ming Chuan University

After the lecture, Elias is speaking to students about the Enspyre internship program.