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About Ming Chuan University- International College

Ming Chuan University or MCU is one of the best private universities in Taiwan. MCU is founded by Mrs. Pao Teh-Ming and her husband Mr. Lee Ying-Chao in 1957. MCU is also counted as one of the first universities in Taiwan to offer International Program known as International College. MCU is famous for its communication and business programs. In November 2010, MCU became the first university in Asia to be recognized in the United States education system.

MCU and Enspyre

In October 2010, Elias Ek, founder of Enspyre, came to MCU as a guest speaker (the speech on Oct. 25th) and he encouraged MCU International students to take part in an internship program. As students have the opportunity to participate in Enspyre Internship program represents a valuable experience that it will help them in the future working environment. In addition, four MCU International College students have enrolled the program and worked in different projects successfully. For international student working in foreign company will be helpful for their international career.

MCU students in Enspyre internship program

One group of MCU interns are working in a project to market Enspyre Internship program to students. They learned about internet marketing, to use new softwares such as Joomla and also build relations between Enspyre and universities. By acquiring this knowlegde they were able to fullfil their project goals.


What do MCU students say about the Enspyre Internship?


Yasmin Tjondropurnomo is a international student from Indonesia in  MCU.

She participated Enspyre Internship Program and she says :
"Internships are great for my future career and I'm so glad to have internship in Enspyre. I learned a lot about marketing and business. Besides I also had fun working with my internship team."
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Ying Chao Siu says:

" Enspyre Internship contribute to my personal and professional development because the working experience in a foreign company helps me to know more about the real business world"



Zoe Wu says:
"In the speech, I found Mr. Elias is really passionate about what he is doing and he encourages students to try things out that I consider it would be a good chance for me to learn more and find out whether I am suitable for jobs related to marketing in the future."

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 Speeches Enspyre given in MCU

Enspyre first_speech_in_MCU

On October 25 (2010) Enspyre co-founder and President Elias Ek gave a speech for Dr. Rolando Chang's International Business class at Min Chuan University.

It is an interesting class because out of the 70 students in the class,60 are from other countries. Dr Chang said he had counted that they came from a total of 23 countries!

Elias and Dr. Chang had made each others aquaintance at the ISBC2010 conference where both were speakers. Dr. Chang liked Elias' presentation and asked him to come and give a speech about himself, Enspyre, doing business in Taiwan, entrepreneurship etc.

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Elias speech_in_MCU_for_international_marketing

On September 14 (2011) Enspyre co-founder and President Elias Ek gave a speech for Dr.Ho's International Marketing class at Min Chuan University.

After the last speech given in Dr.Rolando Chang's International Business class Elias Ek (the founder and the boss of Enspyre) came to MCU again for Dr.Ho's International Marketing class.

In the speech,Elais shared his marketing related working experiences regards in Sweden,US and Taiwan that arrouse student's attention through the whole speech. 

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