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Benjamin Annius

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Name: Benjamin Annius
School: Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
Major: International Trade and Mangement
Internship Company: Ensypre
Internship Focus: Internet Marrketing and Web Site Design

Benjamin Annius

Hi, my name is Benjamin Annius and i am from the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. I am currently a junior business student studying International Trade and Managemnt at Ming Chuan University in Taiwan. Last year I completed my frist internship training program in Taiwan at ALT (Aeon Lighting Technology). It was a very eye opening experiences as i was trained how to write and design business letters and presents them to the company's client all around the world. I am very excited and proud about starting my new internship program at Ensypre as it marks a new adventure and challenge in my life.


Why Enspyre

My reasons for applying for the Ensypre internshio program are similar but different to many other interns in the past. Today the world is heading into a computerized age where only a fine line exisits between human and mechanical labour.If we want to survive or even have a shot at being successful we need to learn to open our minds and explore all the knowledge which are avaiable to us. After my frist session at Ensypre I realized that this company had a lot to teach me. i have always dreamt of running my own company and Ensypre is the exact company to help me achieve my goals. At Ensypre there are many different poeple from all around the world working togther towards the same goals by sharing thier ideas, vision and learning from each other. I believe that this company culture is exactly what i need to achieve my global international marketing needs as one of our very frist project is to design a working and running website for Ensypre company new book. I also believe that the bulk of knowledge is obtained by personal experiences, it is beacuse of this reason that i have decieded to join Ensyre internship program in hopes of obtaining th necessary skills that will set me apart from my fellow classmate or future employees.


What are my Expectation

After finishing the internship program At Ensypre, i would like to be able to feel cofident abot starting and managing my own business. Which would include construction and desigining and easy to working with website and learining how a run a successful busness without having my business run me.


About Me

Presently I am training at the ITF taekwando club in Taipei and a have started to teach traditional Chinese karate at Ming chuan Unveristy in Tapei. i enjoy reading short stories or manga,Sky driving and practicing karate. for more information or related articles about benjamin Annius please visit.

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Benjamin Annius3

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