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About Enspyre
In 2000 Jane Wei and Elias Ek co-founded their first company, a web based vertical portal that made money by selling banner advertising and portal stores to merchants.

The company quickly had a certain level of success and communication with users and customers started taking more and more time. Because the founders had other jobs during the day and handled their growing business during the nights and weekends it was tough. One obvious answer would have been to hire an employee but since the couple worked out of their 14 ping apartment, this was not practical. Nor was it economical since all they needed was someone who could in a professional manner answer and make a few phone calls every day.

The next step was to lookg for a company they could outsource with but they only found companies who could take messages. After 1.5 years they sold this business for a profit and soon thereafter started Enspyre to enable SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) to have a chance to fulfill their potential.

Enspyre opened for business in April 2002 and has since then serviced hundreds of companies in just about every industry covered by Taiwan's 1.1 Million SMEs.

Media has reported on the successes of Enspyre and the value of our services. President Elias Ek has been invited to numerous radio and TV shows including CTI's "Got problem?" Read more about what the Press has said about Enspyre on our Press page....

When we service our customers well they succeed and we succeed. Find out more about what our customers say about us on our case studies and testimonials pages.

The basis for our success is Our Team of friendly, educated dedicated people who armed with the latest technology go to work every day to help our customers.