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Enspyre is seeking young people that are interested in marketing, particularly in network marketing area. We provide 50 hours of unpaid internship opportunities for interns to be able to absorb the knowledge about internet marketing and its practical experience.


Our course will cover site management, internet marketing strategy theory and writing advertisement training.

· Site management:

The interns will learn how to manage web site using JOOMLA site management system.

· Internet Marketing Strategy:

The interns will be introduced about the implementation of Internet Marketing strategy, for example: keyword advertising, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web link and many more.

· Advertisement:

Interns will be taught how to write a good advertisement to increase selling.

· The final project:

Interns will be divided into two groups and each of the group will be given an opportunity to set up a new website and market the major products, service and programs for a company. Prior to the website establishment, interns will do market survey and use their internet marketing skill to attract more customers.


The trainer:

Elias Ek, founder Enspyre International Electronic Commerce Center with years of Internet marketing experience. Ek also serves as the Co-Chairman of Taiwan - European Chamber of Commerce.

Get to know more about Elias: http://www.enspyre.com/en/Our-Team/Our-President-and-Co-founder