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蘇嬰昭 Ying Chao Siu-實習心得

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中文名字: 蘇嬰昭
英文名字: YingChao Siu

就讀學教: Mingchuan University (銘傳大學)

出生日期: 1988.08.29

寶習公司: Enspyre

寶習內客: Internet Marketing

I am YingChao Siu from Nicaragua. I am currently studying my major in International Business and Management at Mingchuan University. On November, 2010 I joined an internship in the prestigious company of Dr. Elias Ek, called Enspyre. The main objective of Enspyre is to help business to seek for cost savings by doing outsourcing, which now days has emerged as a successful tool for business.

One of the main reasons of why I wanted to join this internship at Enspyre, it’s because I believe it would be a good training ground for building my confidence around customer interaction and learn the process of carrying out a sale, since Enspyre specialized by doing B2B Telemarketing which is an important method of modern-day marketing strategies.

Another reason is that I want to know more about Internet Marketing because over the time has become an essential key within a business and also to strengthen the knowledge I got from studying e-commerce at MCU.

Enspyre represents a significant tool for my professional growth seeing that I do not have experience in a real business environment. Therefore through my practice I would be able to enhance the knowledge I gained from the school to put it in practice in a way that could benefit my company and make me a better player in the business field.

Having an internship in Taiwan represents a valuable international experience because working in well-developed country could influence in my professional career. Therefore I want to give thanks to Dr. Ek for giving me the opportunity to be part of his company and teach me useful concepts about business that will help me in the future.


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