Name: 曾翊庭 Garry Tseng

School: National Chiao Tung University 國立交通大學

Department: Electronic Engineering 電子工程學系

實習公司:Enspyre (安石國際商務顧問股份有限公司)

實習內容:Internet Marketing (網路行銷)

Self Introduction

I am currently a fifth year student in National Chiao Tung University. 

In my junior year, I discovered that I am not interested in electronic engineering. Since then, I have taken courses in other departments and tried things I have never done before. I realized that marketing is more fascinating, so I decided to spend an extra year to study marketing before graduation.

I enjoy meeting people. Understanding people's psychologies is not only interesting but also helpful in enlarging my horizon. I also enjoy photography, programming, and studying World War II.