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金慧爛 HyeRan Kim - 實習心得

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Name: HyeRan Kim (金慧爛)
School: Ming Chuan University (銘傳大學)
Major: International Business Management
實習內容: Internet Marketing
實習公司: Enspyre (安石國際商務顧問股份有限公司)


大家好, I am HyeRan Kim from Republic of Korea, as an exchange student for one year in Ming Chuan University. I am highly excited at participating in Enspyre’s internship program, and working with my group members. Let me introduce why I join this internship and what I expect to get through this opportunity.

Why I Join this Internship

As an exchange student for one year in Taiwan, I always seek inspiring and meaningful experience. It was coincidence for me to hear Elias Ek’s speech and about this internship program. When I heard about this internship program, I thought “This is just the thing that I wanted!” (Of course, put aside traveling around Taiwan and practicing Chinese calligraphy etc.)
The core of Enspyre’s internship is internet marketing and B2B commerce. To be honest, I’ve never learned about marketing course before, so it is great experience to learn essential knowledge about marketing, or more specifically internet marketing, through practices. Also because my major is international trade and I am very interested in logistics and SCM(Supply Chain Management) which is related with B2B, it is good learning for me to think about how I can connect this experiences with my interested field.
Furthermore, one of reason why I choose Taiwan is to study about Taiwanese business environment, especially based on small and medium sized enterprises, which is totally different with Koreans that several conglomerates are leading the majority of market and economy. Working on some projects in this program, for example, research the market or interview with enterprisers or related people, I can study more closely about Taiwanese business environment. These are the reasons why I joined Enspyre’s internship program.

What I Expect to Get

After finishing this internship, I hope to be improved with these things.
First of all, I want to get essential knowledge about marketing, esp. internet marketing.
Secondly, I want to understand the general process between businesses. Moreover, I want to think more about how I can connect this with my interesting parts; international trade, logistics and SCM.
Third, I want to be more professionalized through practices. Specifically, I want to improve my communication skills and problem solving skills.
Finally, through the projects, I want to study about Taiwanese business environment, compared with other countries, esp. Koreans.

Thank you for reading my page!

My Group Members:

Benjamin Annius

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