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週三, 27 四月 2011 22:28

陳品頤 Eros-實習心得

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就讀學校: 國立臺灣大學
實習內容: Internet Marketing (網路行銷)

My name is Pin-Yi Eros Chen (陳品頤). I’m a senior majoring anthropology at National Taiwan University.  I’m also an intern at Ensypre. Why I applied for Enspyre internship started from a pretty simple thought: I want to learn something outside of textbooks. And internet marketing, intended as the main project by Enspyre, seemed to be a practical way to discover more about the Internet world I’m familiar with. But I was completely overwhelmed with how little I know about it during the interview.

This is what you’d probably do when you’re looking for an internship at a foreign company in Taiwan: open IE, go to Google main page, type in “foreign company internship” in the search box, and voila! You get Enspyre Internship as the first search result. Now let’s take a moment to dissect each step to see what is involved. First, you choose IE instead of any other browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome. Secondly, you use Google search engine. Thirdly, you type in “foreign company internship” and get Enspyre Internship. So what is happening here? Why do you choose IE for browser and Google for search engine? How does Google provide you with Enspyre Internship for the first search result? If you change the combination of words searched, would you still get Enspyre?

If you could barely answer those questions above, as I did in the interview with Mr. Elias Ek, the founder of Enspyre, then you should definitely work your way to apply for Enspyre internship. Because at Enspyre, you get to learn the world you think it’s only a click away. More than that, you begin to see the Internet from a whole new perspective not as a user but as a company manager. It’s a perfect chance to apply what you’ve learned at school. I personally think it’s one in a million opportunity to intern at Enspyre for I know many other internships in Taiwan don’t offer students real insights into the business.

Hopefully in the next few months, I will get to learn what’s entailed in internet marketing, and how it would affect a company in the short and long run. I’m also very excited about the other project which is to write a guide for foreigners who wants to start their business in Taiwan. I highly anticipate seeing myself equipped with plenty of knowledge for the real world after interning at Ensypre. Through learing from Mr. Elias Ek and teamworking with eight other  interns, I am sure I can learn a lot from the time at Enspyre.

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