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週三, 27 四月 2011 22:20

張筠函 Erica-實習心得

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中英姓名: 張筠函/ Erica Chang
就讀學校: National Chengchi University
就讀系所: Business Administration
實習內容: Internet Marketing
實習公司: Enspyre安石國際商務顧問股份有限公司

Why join Enspyre

Being a business student, I've learned a lot about marketing. But I don't think that's enough, what I intend to do is turning the concept into practical use because you never know, till you test it. Therefore, out of strong motivation, I apply this internship and hope to garner experience especially in the field of Internet Marketing that we have little chance to learn in school.


My Expectation

On the day of my interview, when I can barely answer Elias's question, I know it's the right place. Enspyre is the perfect place for me to look deep inside Internet Marketing, absorb the knowledge and catch up with the trend. I'm so EXCITING to work with my eminent team mates and do our cool project! And I believe this internship will not only broaden my horizons even making myself stand out from others.


Find out my teammates









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