王詠椿 Alicia's Intern Info

英文姓名:Alicia Wang

就讀學校:NTU International Business台灣大學國際企業學系


實習內容:Internet Marketing 網路行銷

王詠椿 Alicia’s Intern Info

Alicia’s Reason to be Here

Learning by doing is believed to be everyone’s wish, however, few “dare” to do so really. I refused to be one of them, so I stepped out and entered the most challenging field for me. The reason why I am here is hoping to learn about how to set up, manage, and advertise a whole new website, and to get familiar with this highly potential information world. Most of all, I hope to put them into practice. For me, it’s not only a lesson about marketing a website or a product, but also a lesson about shaping an image and a brand name. I wish one day, I can use these skills to shine myself.

Besides, ability to distinguish practical from theoretical topics in a textbook may also help me be more efficient in future studies. Through this 4 months training, this is one of my main expectation, too.

Alicia’s Expectation

My expectation to this internship is quite alike my reason to be here. Something different is that I hope to learn step by step from the most basic. I felt myself quite afraid of computer stuff in the past, which stopped me from making dreams come true. I hope to conquer this fear, and hopefully I can face and solve the problems by my own in the future instead of merely calling for SOS.Yell

Possible Effect to Alicia’s Future

First, teamwork ability and problem-solving thinking process may be elaborated during this internship. I may get close to the real world earlier, and become more competitive and useful in the future.
Second, I may know myself better on what is my like and dislike, as well as what I am suitable and unsuitable.
Third, I may make many brilliant friends enriching my future life. And I may obtain a beautiful memory.
Forth, I may work in Enspyre!Tongue out

Come meet my good partners!!

Coke                            Alice

  Jill               Zoe                  Lisa

      Peng                                       Wendy

Sandy               Allison