林虹宇Lisa's Intern Info

中英姓名: 林虹宇/ Lisa Lin

就讀學校: National Chengchi University

就讀系所: Philosophy

實習內容: Internet Marketing

實習公司: Enspyre安石國際商務顧問股份有限公司




Who's Lisa

A girl fond of singing and making friends.


Why join Enspyre

As I entered NCCU I've been wondering what I want to do in my future. What should be my career to which I dedicate my whole life? Then, in my third year, I took a course about marketing, being interested in it from then on. I thought marketing would be the answer to my question. Thus, I started searching internship openings about marketing. After involved in some projects, I realized that Internet is really important to marketing. To be a great marketer, I think I should be familiar with all kinds of social media that would help me do things right. What’s more, I’d like to learn more about marketing. That’s why I am here with Elias, Dior and great team mates.



My expectation

I hope I could learn at least the basic knowledge about Internet marketing from the internship and apply to my job in the future. After the process of learning and performing via team work, I could realize what marketing is, get more practical experiences about running projects, and deal with people well to make a success. Most important, have fun and enjoy the following days with Elias, Dior and my dear team mates.Cool


A video about my dancing performance

My team mates

張書俞 Sandy Chang

林柔均 Alice Lin

王詠椿 Alicia Wang

蕭文婷 Wendy Hsiao

宋智翰 Coke

彭季群 Peng Chichun

林惠琴 Jill Lin

楊若琳 Zoe

蕭文婷 Wendy

郭子綺 Allison Kuo